Monday, November 14, 2011

My Life As a Lord's Daughter

By.Whitney Winters

Hi,my named is Angel.It all started when I was born my father was a lord.I didn’t really know what it meant to be a lords daughter. As i grew I found it was even more interesting then I thought.I got the royal treatment I got everything i ever wanted even money.I was my daddy’s “little Princess”he’d always say.He use to be a knight until he was granted the honor of being king. He met my mother when he was a knight and she was a peasant.She worked at his mentors house.He noticed her when he went to go get the tea from the kitchen.He helped her with the tea when they looked into each others eyes they knew they loved each other. From there he would go to the mentors house just to see my mother.Finally i came along.

As I grew i became more and more aware of my fortune.My dad ran a big part of the land he was the leader.on my 13TH birthday he had a crown custom made just for me.He earned the money by collecting taxes from the people who were under father was amazing  he treated my sister Mia like Royality he says i was his favorite.My brother Tomas was the air of being lord.When I was 15 my father got sick and my brother slowly became powerful.He got worse and  brother became more big headed.

Finally,when i was 18 m father died or an unknown sickness. shortly after, my mother died too.Mia and I were devastated by the loses.However,our brother was completely different he ruled and turned us from lords daughters to nobles. He took taxes from us and he never treated us with respect after that.but we still loved him. Sadly we lost our father but we never forgot about being,a lord's daughter.

this was a story by Whitney I.Winters=)